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Specialized Marketing Agency
for WEB 3.0 Projects

We have been conducting professional marketing
for blockchain projects since 2017.

Our current workload
[Task Slots] 21/23 Projects 93%
about us

Our Specialized
crypto marketing service


Community Moderating

Grow the community of your project.

Viral targeting marketing

Your project will goes viral on the communities

Content marketing

Promote your project widely through portal sites and content for SNS.

Media PR

Make your project known and noticed through the media and articles.


List the project on the exchange through a formal channel.

We work with
170+ Partners

VC / Funds
What we do

We improve your Project in Korea

We grow global crypto projects in Korea through marketing!

perfect solutions

Do you need your
project marketing team?

There are already many marketing agencies in the world. This is the same in the blockchain market.

We want to collaborate as your marketing team, not as a marketing agency. If you need a team other than a marketing agency, 

We will do our best as your marketing team.

qualified team

24/7 working system suitable for the Cryptocurrency market

The most important thing in collaboration is quick response.

We can respond quickly to various issues because we have a regular working system through shift work.

We allocate a dedicated portfolio manager for each project and manage it intensively.


Republic of Korea —
404, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

사업자 등록번호 732-32-00729ㅣ시냅스 커뮤니케이션

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